Unlock Your Full Potential: Elevate Your Performance with One-on-One Coaching. Personalized guidance from an experienced coach to help you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and reach new heights. Discover the power of focused attention and tailored strategies, and experience the transformational impact of dedicated support. Take the first step towards your best self today with One-on-One Coaching.

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If you have never had a coach focused on you and your success, you deserve to!  In my Personal Life Coaching Program or my Personal Executive Coaching Program, that is exactly what you will get. Personalized coaching with a true commitment from you to do the work to achieve your goals will move you toward the success you desire in your life or in your business.

We will begin with getting clear on what your core values are so that we are mindful of keeping you aligned with those values.  We will also draw out your natural strengths to support you in the direction you want to move toward.  True success is achieved when you can be your most authentic YOU while capitalizing on your greatest natural strengths and abilities to live the life you most want to live.

Through my one-on-one 3 month6 month or 12 month, weekly coaching package, we will work on taking you from where you are, to where you desire to go by exploring your values, natural strengths, and what you most want out of life.  Having a coach to work with YOU, to be by your side along the way while supporting you in staying accountable is a game changer.  If you are ready to invest in yourself to achieve greater success and fulfillment in your life, let’s work together!

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What Does Working With Me Look Like?

  • Initial 60 minute Discover & Design Session
  • Weekly 1 Hour Coaching Sessions via Zoom
  • Interpretation of Assessments to determine natural strengths and core values 
  • Tools, strategies, and techniques to fine tune and hone your mindset to achieve the best possible results
  • Discounted access to the upcoming Infinite Life or Infinite Business Possibilities Course, featuring 8 modules to help you leverage the Law of Attraction and manifest your dream life 

Personalized Life Coaching 

  • Get clear on your authentic self, goals, ambitions
  • Examine Assessments to identify your natural strengths, talents, and core values
  • Deep dive into your desires and aspirations to design your ideal life
  • Design Action Plan to achieve personal goals
  • Discover how to align your gifts and purpose with your wants and desires to create the life you want
  • Learn tools and techniques to leverage the Law of Attraction and manifest your life design.

Personalized Business Coaching

  • C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs, or Up-And-Comers looking to make an impact and take their careers to the next level
  • Focus on mindset to create the framework for your future career goals
  • Learn to catalyze your ambition to make strides in your business life
  • Techniques to incorporate work/life balance
  • Develop an action plan to establish benchmarks, overcome challenges, and achieve desired goals.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Get Acquainted Call with Karen to work on one struggle or block you are experiencing in your life or your business and to explore your coaching options.

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  • Infinite Life Possibilities

    “What can you accomplish in one hour? If you have a defined plan and an excellent coach - you can set the pace for your 2024. If you have more work or further questions you can take as long as necessary - but dial in and BOOM.
    I highly recommend booking a session with Karen Taylor McPhail. She is an expert in many areas including professional alignment as well as relationship coaching. I have worked with many coaches but NEVER have I had someone so focused and clear as Karen. ”

    Norton Shores, Michigan

  • Infinite Life Possibilities

    “I highly recommend taking Karen McPhail’s Fear to Hope program. Karen’s warmth, support and compassion transmit through the screen. I am deeply grateful for her knowledge and coaching which helped me to grow and thrive during tremendously challenging times. Karen empowered me in moving from temporary, emotional paralysis to manifesting real hope in my life, goals of creating health, sustainability and abundance. By using the tools and strategies Karen teaches to shift your life, I am now spending this time on creating my future dreams. No matter where you are in your personal and professional journey, you will thrive with Karen’s programs.”

    Bend, OR

  • Infinite Life Possibilities

    “Karen’s positive outlook is inspiring and contagious, even during difficult times. Her support and teaching around thoughts, beliefs, and emotions shifted my mindset which shifted my life. Working with Karen was just what I needed in a vulnerable period in my life. She really helped me move forward with confidence. Her tools and strategies to shift mindset are invaluable!”

    Gold Hill, OR

  • Infinite Life Possibilities

    “Karen is an exceptional coach with a vibrant and compassionate energy that will motivate you to be your best self. Her practical and easy tools to shift mindset will put you on a new path with endless possibilities to lead a life of joy and fulfillment.”

    Norton Shores, MI

  • Infinite Life Possibilities

    “Having the opportunity to work with Karen impacted my life so much more than I had anticipated. My business grew immensely during this time, but more importantly, I grew in my personal development. I had heard people say many times that when they finally got a great coach to work with, they made huge strides. Working with Karen did just that for me! I was able to accomplish what we discovered were my most heart-felt dreams and goals and then, using the tools I was taught, I moved forward exponentially. Karen is amazing to work with and I feel so blessed to have learned from her. I highly recommend working with Karen in any of her courses or coaching programs.”

    Daniel Island, South Carolina

  • Infinite Life Possibilities

    “I just completed Karen’s Infinite Possibilities: the Art of Changing Your Life course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to not only change their mindset, but the course of their life. Karen is an amazing and an inspirational coach. Working with her was fun and enlightening. She is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from the tools and strategies she shares. Working with Karen, I was able to shift my mindset and thoughts in the positive and I now truly believe I can have what I want in life. Thank you Karen!”

    New South Wales, Australia

  • Infinite Life Possibilities

    “Karen’s course came as a gift in a difficult time in my life. I felt hopeless, fearful, anxious about what was going to happen and how I could handle it. Humans are naturally wired to be on alert for danger, but for some of us, that translates into staying perpetually in a fearful state. Karen has helped me break the cycle of negative thoughts while planting the seeds of hope for my future. It has helped me in all areas of my life, including work, relationships, and parenting. She makes these concepts accessible with practices that are easy to understand and institute. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her and to be on this journey!!”

    Charlotte, NC