Hi! Karen McPhail

My dream and mission in my life is to support individuals just like you to clearly define what you want out of life and then provide the coaching and training necessary so you can create that life and live it!

I believe

I believe dreams do come true.
I believe that our intuition is
our truth navigation system.
I believe we have a responsibility to be the truest
& greatest versions of ourselves.
I believe the more abundance we have,
the more abundance we can share with the world.
I believe everyone has the power to live
an abundant life 
if they choose to create it.

Empowering YOU to Live Your Dream Life: 
Design It, Attract It, Live It!

To support you in reaching your true potential, while feeling joy in living the life of your dreams, I founded Infinite Life Possibilities, LLCNothing brings me greater joy in my life than to watch my clients soar by living the life they could have never imagined or thought was just an unattainable dream. I believe deep in my soul that we all not only deserve, but absolutely can, live a life where we thrive and not simply survive.

I can personally vouch that the tools and strategies I teach work in a powerful way, using my own life as an example. There was a time, not that long ago, when I felt trapped in my career as an educator. I was a single mom with two kids and couldn’t imagine risking my consistent, but non-sustaining income, to pursue my dream of starting my own coaching practice and business. The job was steady, yes, but I was barely making enough to survive and because the demands of the job had changed in the last few years, I was completely exhausted and unfulfilled. 

I have studied the principles I teach for over 25 years and have lived and applied them to my own life. In doing so, even though I was in the situation described above, I was still able to buy and sell two houses making an incredible profit, travel to Paris, Panama, Mexico, Kauai, Australia and Italy in a two-year time frame, manifest my soulmate partner, and begin my own coaching business, Infinite Life Possibilities, LLC where I am the CEO, Master Certified Coach, and gone on to develop four different online programs in addition to offering my life and business coaching packages. I am literally living the life of my dreams.

I live and walk what I teach and have an undying passion to share this work with you to empower you to realize that YOU have the ability and power to truly create the life you desire and dream about. No matter where you are on your journey in life, I will meet you right there and take you exponentially forward in clarity and in action to live your best life…a life of infinite possibilities.

I’ve spent time in both the corporate world as a public relations executive in Silicon Valley, CA, for several years and in the educational arena teaching.   My Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, my certification as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and my many coaching certifications, has enabled me to develop my signature programs: The Soulmate Solution, The Fulfilled Financial Advisor FormulaInfinite Life Possibilities, and Infinite Business Possibilities, as well as enjoy my one-on-one and group life and business coaching packages for my clients.  

In my courses and in my coaching, we start with  getting clarity around what your dream life would be and look like and then identify your true values so that what you want to create aligns with who you truly are and want to be.  I then teach strategies and give you tools to manifest and successfully leverage the Law of Attraction in your life to attract what your desired intentions are so you can live the life of your dreams.  It truly is possible and I would be honored to work side by side with you as you get there.

Whether you take one of my courses or choose to have me as your coach, I am so excited to have you be a part of the Infinite Life Possibilities Family

WELCOME! I am thrilled for the opportunity to work with you!